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Choose a career in Real Tennis

Learn & EARN

From day 1 you will be employed in an exciting environment as a valuable member of the pro team within a real tennis club. You will build up skills and experience and increase your responsibilities as you progress.


Industry recognised qualifications

Alongside the Real Tennis skills you will acquire, you will work through nationally recognised qualifications and certificates. There will be opportunities to access further education should you wish to specialise in an area.


You will be working in clubs who have directly invested in your future. You will learn from the best in the game, and have access to a mentor to help you build on your strengths and provide individual  ongoing support.

unleash your potential

Personalised training will be given enabling you to maximise your talent throughout your career. IIP will provide opportunities to work with world class talent to give you every chance to reach the very top of the game.


real-world experience

The IIP program will give you real world experience of how to run an effective, efficient small business. Should a change of circumstance mean that you are unable to complete the course you will have gained important skills to be a valuable employee elsewhere.


Up for a challenge

Open to new ideas

Looking for something different

Good with people


do you...

Have a passion for sport

Want worldwide opportunities

Play sport at the highest level

Want to have a clear career path

Enjoying coaching others

WE wILL...

Guide, mentor and support

Maximise your potential on and off court

Tailor a specific development plan to you

Train you alongside the world’s best players

Offer recognised qualifications

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