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Investing in Professionals

Real Tennis IIP


Real Tennis is one of the oldest professionally played sports in the world. It has an illustrious past and, with recently built or re-established courts on both sides of the Atlantic, an exciting future. Investing in Professionals (IIP) program is the foundation for that future. 


Real Tennis is unique in the way that it is run. Every court in the world has its own team of professionals. IIP is giving the next generation of apprentice professionals better training and education than ever before to ensure that the clubs, and the game thrive.


With 800 years of history, become part of the future.



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The IIP education program has been designed to give every apprentice professional the best foundation for a career in the game. We are equipping our apprentices with nationally recognised business qualifications from well known institutions, and a CPD program to build into the future.

Real Tennis has a rich history and is the forefather to almost every racket sport played today. As an apprentice professional you will be learning to play this fantastic game from some of the best players in the world, with every chance to make your own history in the sport.

An apprentice professional will have opportunities to work across 3 continents throughout their career. Real Tennis courts can be found at iconic sporting venues such as Lord’s and Queen’s club in London, sporting cities like Melbourne and in the biggest cities of the United States.

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"There is nothing more important than recruiting the best aspiring professionals. These individuals will be the heartbeat of our game. Through the IIP initiative, I hope that all players will benefit from the comprehensive education they will receive both on and off court, but most importantly from their love and dedication to our wonderful sport of real tennis." Chris Bray


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The IIP program will provide a route for the apprentices to pursue a successful and rewarding

career in Real Tennis, at the same time as offering learning opportunities for the current professionals.

IIP is a stand-alone entity which is supported and principally funded by the Tennis & Rackets Association (T&RA). It is also supported by the The International Real Tennis Professionals Association (IRTPA), the Clubs, the Dedanists’ Society, the Dedanists' Foundation and the Real Champions Club.

Additional contributions are being sought from the wider Real Tennis community, and further afield. 

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