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Building Careers in Real Tennis

Building Careers in Real Tennis -
Assuring the future of an historic sport

Real Tennis Investing In Professionals (IIP) has been set up to recruit and train the next generation to a higher standard than ever before. The goal is to develop both real tennis teaching skills and the business and management expertise required to create attractive career paths full of opportunity. Your support can help assure the future of real tennis.

The past

Real Tennis is unique in the way it has always been supported by the club professionals. They work within, and with the clubs to ensure that this historic game can be accessible to anyone who discovers it, and to promote the game to an ever wider audience.

Professionals have historically been recruited from inside the game: enthusiastic club juniors who are trained up by their professional, or talented locals who came across a club advert. This training would vary from club to club and be focussed on the Real Tennis skills and the running of that particular club.

The present

Real Tennis has retained a large number of professionals throughout the entirety of their careers. However the sport is now in a position where upto a third of the 42 full and part time UK pros will be retiring in the next 10 years or so.

Real Tennis Investing in Professionals (IIP) has been set up to recruit and train the next generation through a structured development process. This national apprenticeship program with robust standards, ensures that apprentice professionals are guided a consistent and outward looking system.

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The future

IIP is a fully structured and funded apprenticeship program which has been put together by a working party of over 45 people across all sections of the Real Tennis community.

The IIP program has been launched to attract, recruit and retain new professionals at a rate of four per year. The training of Real Tennis skills will be combined with the commercial and administrative skills required to generate revenue from club management and in turn build sustainable long term careers in Real Tennis.

This ambitious approach seeks to appeal to the next generation of talented sports individuals and will need investment. While the T&RA is the principal funder, further contributions are sought from the racquet playing community and others who want to assure a future for the sport of Real Tennis.

If you could lend your support to this critical initiative, 

If you’re a UK tax-payer please make sure you select gift aid which means an additional 25p on every £1 donated will accrue to IIP.

All donations will be gratefully received and will help ensure that Real Tennis continues to thrive.

Support IIP
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help build an individual's future

Is your company or organisation passionate about opportunities and careers for the next generation. The Real Tennis IIP scheme focuses on Education in a well established historic sport with plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities. As a niche sport, you have an opportunity to easily see the difference your support can make. 

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more participation in real tennis

The IIP programme’s focus on training sporting skills alongside business skills will lead to a focus on growing participation. Are you, as an individual, able to make an investment in the future of Real Tennis that could fund one aspect of an apprentice’s training programme. Get in touch to learn more about where your money would be spent.


real tennis as a supportive community

Many small contributions can collectively make a transformational difference. Real Tennis is a smaller community than most sports. This means it has a very supportive community feel. As players and sports enthusiasts who want Real Tennis to thrive for a few more hundred years, please donate any amount to build the next generation of the game.

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