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We are offering an opportunity for talented sports people to discover the game of Real Tennis which is intriguing, challenging, enjoyable and addictive!


Real Tennis is an historic game played in multiple countries with both amateur and professional participation. With 27 courts in the UK alone, each club employs professional real tennis players to represent their court at a competitive playing level and to also manage and coach at the club.

We are looking to recruit a fresh intake of young people to join our Investing in Professionals apprenticeship scheme and become our next generation of real tennis club professionals.


Applicants will be people with a passion for sport and a track record of excellence, ideally in another racket sport, who are looking for an opportunity to be employed within a sports environment. 

You will need an interest and aptitude for working with people and will be keen to embark on a career with a structured training programme for personal and professional development. Salaries and earning potential will be discussed on an individual basis.

To discover more, please fill out the form opposite and we will contact you to discuss this exciting opportunity further. 

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